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Tibet is province-level distractive region of China, located in a high mountain area in the south-western part. Throughout history, Tibet, at times has Governed itself as an independent state and at other times has had various levels of association with China. Tibets internal Government was for centuries a theocracy (State government by religious leaders) under the leadership of Buddhist Lamas or Monks. In 1959, Dalai Lama the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism and at that time the head of Tibets in the name of cultural revolution) fled to India during a Tibetan revolted against Chinese control in the region. In the China took full control over Tibet and imposed installed a sympathetic Tibetan ruler in 1965 A.D. and replaced the theocracy with a communist administration.

Tibet is so big that covers an area of 1,222,000 sq. kilometers. Lhasa is the largest capital city of Tibet. Tibet is the highest plateau on the earth or it is also called the roof of the World. Southern part of Tibet is situated entirely the Himalayas, and many of the worlds highest summits are located in the main Himalayan chain. Brahmaputra Sutlet, Indus, Ganga and some other rivers, all have their sources in Tibet. Tibet has a dry and cold climate with an average annual temperature. Temperatures in the mountain and plateaus are especially cold and strong winds are common year round. The daily temperature has big contrast. On a typical summer day, the temperature can rise from 5 degree before sunrise to 25 degree by the midday, In general, temperatures in Tibet change frequently.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
Every year thousands of Hindu religious people come to visit the sacred Kailash Parbat and Mansarovar Lake, situated in the Chinas Autonomous Region of Tibet from around the globe and neighboring country India via Nepal.

As per the legend, a person who crosses the Kailash circuit once, all his sins are gone away. Going around Mt. Kailash 108 times means that one is directly receiving Nirvana (freedom). According to the description of Ramayana, one who takes bath in Mansarovar Lake reaches Bramalok (heaven); whereas the one drinking the water from Kailash knows the world of Shivalok (Shivas abode).

A great mass of black rock soaring to over 22,000 feet, (6,714 meters) Mount Kailash has unique distinction of being the worlds most venerated holy place at the same time that it is the least visited. The supremely sacred site of four religions and billions of people, Mount Kailash is seen by no more than a few thousand pilgrims every year. Before the dawn of Hinduism Jainism or Buddhism, the cosmologies speak of mount Kailash as the mythical mount Meru, the center and birth place of the entire world. The mountain was already legendry before the great Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, were written.

Mount Kailash is so deeply embedded in the myths of ancient Asia that it was perhaps a sacred place of another era, another civilization, now long gone and forgotten. Hindus believe mount Kailash to b abode of lord Shiva. For Hindus, to make the arduous pilgrimage to mount Kailash and have the darshan (divine view) of Shivas abode is to attain release from the clutches of ignorance and delusion.

For many travelers or visitors, Tibet has a special appeal. This is particular true of the remote south western corner where the great curve of the Himalaya swings northwards tilting the Tibetan plateau towards the heavens

Mansarovar Lake

Lake Mansarovar, the word manas means mind or consciousness: the name Mansarovar means lake of consciousness and enlightenment. Mansarovar lying at the height of 15,000 fits or 4560 meters from sea level. It is held deep spiritual influence and wide religious significance among Hindus and Buddhists. Making round Mansarovar Lake and taking a dip in it is believed to be Purge ones soul from sins and the body from sickness. By taking a dip in the Mansarovar Lake, one can retain youth and vitality, still there others, who believe one can not only clean his soul but also secure his place ion heaven after the end of mortal live. One more school of thought is that taking a dip in it helps one attain moksha (free from the cycle of birth and re-birth in worldly life). Mansarovar Lake is so big, for making round by walking path, it takes 3 days for locals and pilgrimage or adventure lovers its takes 5-7 days for camping. Round of Mansarovar Lake, we can see also eight Buddhist Monasteries and popular is Chiu gompa monastery. Here we can see birds and wild ducks here. All adventure travelers, the Tibet lying Mansarovar Lake promises treasures of Shangri La. Visiting once this pilgrimage area and adventure paradise is a life time achievement

Raksas Tal (Lake)

Raksas Tal is named after the flesh eating demons of Hindu mythology believed to lurk beneath its dark waters. A representation of dark, malevolent forces, this lake is generally shunned by pilgrims. According to legend, the water of this lake was poisonous. This condition changed when a gold fish from Mansarovar Lake tunneled through a narrow isthmus to let sacred water flow into Raksas Tal, thus neutralizing the poison. Raksas Tal is the lake where Ravana is said to have done penance to invoke Lord Shiva. Local people say that the water from this lake should never be drunk. This lake is located in the west part of Mansarovar Lake at 4545 meters from sea level and Raksas Tal is 15 meter below of Mansarovar Lake. No one can see any birds and wild ducks in this Lake.


Situated 70 kilo meters to the west part of Mount Kailash. One has to first get to Major village by automobile from where Tirthpuri is situated at a distance of 4 kilo meters on the bank of the river Sutlej. There is no any Himalayan mountain range around Tirthpuri. The region has red colored dried up mountain hills that is beautiful in their own sense. It is believed that is was here in Tirthpuri of the demon Bhasmasur was burnt to ash. It is also known the first Tirthankar of the jain faith meditated hare. Hot springs are also located in this region believed to have curative powers. Similarly Tibetans believe that minerals found here known as ringers have special curative powers swallowed by them. Tirthapuri is also well known for its medical hot springs believed to have powerfull healing properties.

Atma Lingam

Ancient puranas and many Hindu traditions eulogize the sanctum sanctorum Kailasa, filled with beautiful, silvery snow clad mountains to be the abode of lord parama Shiva. Aruna Mountain stretching on the westernside of Kailasa contains great pearls dhatus and Herbal medicines; this blessed part of Kailasa is further adorned with Nandhi and Ganapati mountains. On the westernside of Kailasa Mountain, the Atmalinga of Siva glows in his heart. This Atmalinga is formed from the snow named pushpadanta, which emanates through the path created Ashtapadu from the tip of Kailash. The holy water of sailodha river stream originates from Atmalingam. The yogis and the Saptarishis (the blessed sevensaints) will have a holy dip in pious waters and receive lord shivas benediction in form gnana(wisdom) hence this the most blessed part of the Kailash mountain and acquires great prominence in Hindu culture.

Astapad (Eight steps)

Astapad is another holy mountain near Mount Kailash; it lies in front of Nandi Mountain. Astapad means mountain of Eight steps, many saints, Rishis, Monks, have used caves at Astapad for meditation. Drive from Darchen to Serlung Monastery, walk 10 minutes little climb up, visit Astapad then walk down 10 minutes and drive back to Darchen. It takes 3 hour round trip from Darchen.

Nandi Prabat

Nandi Mountain is situated to the south Part of Kailash. One can be reach Nandi Mountain, Jeep drive from Darchen to Serlung Monastery then walking in the trail on the shore of the river which flows through Darchen and originates from Mt. Kailash. We can see also Atmalingam, to complete Nandi Parikarma you need about 10-12 hours from Darchen round trip. In general, near Sapatrishi cave, very steep up and we climb through the climbing rope which our mountain climbing staff helps for climbing up till Sapatrishi cave. We can see Sapatrishi cave end of mount Kailash which is we can also say base camp of mount Kailash. The altitude of Sapatrishi cave is 5800 meters from Sea level. After Sapatrishi cave, climb up 200 meter and pass hills and descend down the will be other side very steep down till end of hills and after fallow the small river till to Serlung Monastery. Jeep is waiting us whole day here.

According to Hindu myth, well-known Rishis, Saints have meditated at Sapta Rishi cave which is at the basement of Mount Kailash from when Atmalingam can be viewed. Therefore if is believed that only physically fit and spiritually clean people can pay homage to this cave and Nadi Parikrama. Monterosa Treks and expedition provides mountain guides, Mask-regulator and Oxygen bottles for emergency rescue incase needed as well as climbing rope.


  • Our group size is minimum 25 pax in group joining basis and minimum 5 pax in pravet tour basis. No limitation for maximum group size..
While in Nepal clients will stay in twin sharing rooms (single rooms available for in additional cost) in a high quality hotel in the heart of Kathmandu. . In Tibet the accommodation will be tents with a bathing tent or very simple guest houses (when available) with shared rooms and basic toilet facilities. Our staff will attend to all the camping responsibilities.
  1. Tibet is Autonomous region of China. So you will not get the special permit and Visa for Tibet directly In your country. You have to proceed for permit and Visa for Tibet through our Agency.
  2. We must receive scan copy of your passport at least 35 days prior to arrival in gateway cities (Kathmandu or Lhasa). Passport must be same as scan copy and valid for more than 6 months.
  3. We request to dispatch the original passport at our delhi office for indian passport holders 15 days prior to arrive in Kathmandu and other than indian passport holders must spend at least 2 nights in Kathmandu to issue Tibet visa. They will also require to bring 2 passport size photos. We shall send client "Chinese embassy visa form" well in advance to be fill up by each client which can either sent to us by email or can be collected upon arrival.
  4. Those who entry Lhasa from mainland China are requested to obtain Chinese visa in their home country and we will organize Tibet permit and handover it through our agent in Lhasa.
  5. Chinese visa will be valid for China mainland only, do not bring Chinese visa if you are entering Tibet from Kathmandu.If you obtained Chinese visa the chinese ambassy will cancel mainland visa during your journey to Tibet.
  6. We supply detail information and briefing upon arrival.
  1. Indian Rupees are not accepted in Tibet. We will assist to exchange the amount to Yuan (Chinese Currency) for you upon your arrival in Kathmandu.
  2. The official Chinese currency used by the Tibetans is circulated in denominations (notes) of 1,2,5,10,100 Yuan. 1 Yuan is equivalent to approximately INR 11. It is advisable to carry Chinese Yuan to avoid unhealthy rates and futile bargaining at the Kodari Border or at Zhangmu.
  3. The unit of Chinese currency is Yuan. USD 1 = 6.00 Yuan. Exchange all your remaining Yuan at the end of the trip at Zhangmu itself before re-entering Nepal.
  4. Important Note: Carring INR 1000 & INR 500 denomanation are limited up to INR 25,000 in Nepal according to the rule of NRB.Indian Passport & Election (Voter) ID card are only the valid Identification proof to entry Nepal by air. other valid ID proof are also accepted to entry Nepal by overland.
  • Outer kora means parikrama of Kailash Parvat in 3 days. The regular Overland and Helicopter trips are actually only outer kora which is easy to complete. Inner kora means  parikrama of Nandi Parvat and visit tirtha puri, saptarishi cave including kailash parbat. However it is more challenging and adventures than outer kora.
Our team would be more than willing to provide all the information about the pilgrimage whenever required by you. We have a well-trained and hospitable team to accompany you in Tibet. Our friendly and courteous staff will always serve you with a smiling face. Our staff and guides are all experienced having scaled peaks over 8000 mts. Our official manager will provide the group briffing in Kathmandu before comencing the trip. The team leader accompanying you on your trip to Tibet will conduct a complete briefing and re-examination of your accessories on your arrival in Kathmandu. Any last minute alterations or additions can be taken care of in Kathmandu. 
  • Its associates will put every effort to make your journey smooth and pleasant. However, all the tours in Tibet are conduct strictly under the rules & regulation of Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB). Therefore, Its counterpart shall not be responsible for any change and alteration in the program due to unavoidable circumstances such as landslide, road blockage, flood, snow fall, political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay arrival, delay issue of permit and visa, sickness or accidents. Any extra cost incurred thereof shall be borne by the clients on the spot.
  • CIPSC (China Indian Pilgrims’ Service Center)  has an athority to handle travel arrangements & fix rates for the Indian pilgrims in Tibet side.

Nepal Side: 

  1. We provide AC Deluxe Coach for Airport pickup drop and sightseeing in Kathmandu.
  2. We could provide standard non AC Tourist Coach for Kathmandu to Kodari Boarder and VV due to road condtion..
  3. We provide Kathmandu - Nepalganj - Simikot and return by fixed wing and Simikot - Hillsa and return by charter helicopter for heli kailash yatra.

Tibet Side:

  1. We provide AC Deluxe Coach for the entire journey of Tibet.
  2. We also provide supporting Truck to carry luggage and equipments.
  3. We provide one escorting Jeep during entire journey of Tibet.
  4. Jeep or Van can be provided at extra cost

Notice Please read carefully this terms and conditions

If due to really true emergency you are unable to come or continue in the trek or rafting you have chosen to join, there will be some cancellation charges. That what constitutes a true emergency case is interpreted at God Nepal discretion. Please be aware of these conditions such as Dysentery, Giardia diarrhea are commonplaces in East and South Asia and such are not classified as emergencies.

Filling out our on-line booking form, or print the booking form and filling out and make a reservations, by fax. We contact you by E-mail as soon as your form is received to define the procedures following this step and to confirm the availability on the tour you have chosen with us. All participants booking one of our regular or tailor made tours must read and fully understand our policies and booking conditions. Representing 25% deposit of the total sales price must accompany all bookings. The balance must be entirely paid 30 days prior to the departure date. To guarantee a booking made 30 days or less before the departure date we request the entire payment of the total sale's price at once. Under no circumstances will there be a refund of any kind, if you do not turn up trip departure, or if you leave a trip for any reason, either voluntarily or involuntarily, after the trip has commenced

In the event of cancellation by the travel 7 days prior to departure 50% of the total amount paid will not be refundable. Passed the 7th day there will be no refund. If we have not received a balance due at the 29th day preceding a departure, we can cancel the booking. If we are in the obligation to cancel a trip for any reason, the participants will be completely refunded without any possibility of further indemnity. Cancellation of a trip made by the client does not entitle s/him to a refund of any kind. The date of cancellation is the date on which God Nepal receives a written notice of cancellation by the travel that who has made the booking. If any transfer to an alternative departure date, will charge US15 or Euro 10 per person

We undertakes to provide you with the trip as outlined in your itinerary. However, as we cannot pre-determine weather conditions, political and other factors beyond our control, and bearing in minds your safety and enjoyment, we reserve the right to adjust the trip itinerary as required. The raft/trek leader in consultation with the staff and trip participants will decide on these adjustments. The raft/trek leader's decision will be final.


I have read all thoroughly and fully understood the information of trip. The itinerary and all other written material issued by God Nepal for the trip I have applied to join and I am competent and willing to cope with the situations, circumstances and conditions made clear in the printed material. I agree and recognize that the realities made clear in the written information reflect the intrinsic characteristics of adventure travel and not least the matters of flexibility. Adaptability, reasonableness, practical personal contribution to lifestyle en-route and the fact that not all situations, circumstances and conditions subsequently encountered are identical to those pre-existing and prevailing at the time of booking.

I also recognize that I am undertaking a journey that contains a significant element of personal risk, and that risk does sometime become a reality. I acknowledge the relative remoteness, the rough traveling and weather conditions, the limited and relatively primitive medical and other services available, as well as the greater potential dangers compared with my usual daily life at back home, or conventional holiday travel. Not only do I accept the realities. I have chosen to seek them out. I recognize God NepalNepal's responsibility to me and I accept these authority and decision of God Nepal and its representatives in respect to the journey that I have applied to Join with them.

Trekking or Traveling into the isolated and remote area is physical demanding because of its length and the almost unbelievable changes in elevation. Any of treks, the trail gains and loses many hundred meters of elevation within a day.

"Most important thing to bring with you is right mental attitude"

Contract Signed Date:


  • Sleeping Bag down with inside extra cove
  • Down Jacket, Polar fleece, Light quilted.
  • Pure wool and thick cotton socks
  • Thermal underwear (Inner-full fitting) wool or mixed combination.
  • Wool pullovers-polo neck, Flannel shirts.
  • Warm light gloves, Snowcap(with ear covering)
  • Wool monkey cap, Sun hats & scarves.
  • Comfortable Trekking boots and Sandals
  • Sun / Snow glasses
  • Towels-including small hand towel.
  • Hot water bottle.
  • Light Trek bag (for camera, and very essential things.) and duffel bag to keep your personal belongings.
  • Rain coat with hood.
  • Ladies can select other clothing materials as per her interest.
  • Torch with spare cells & bulbs
  • Video camera: - as per the interest.
  • Binoculars.
  • Plastic mug/whistle.
  • Swiss knife ( multi purpose)
  • First aid box / personal medicine
  • Walking stick
Those in good health should have no difficulty traveling to this region. Due to the high altitude of this area, travelers may experience the effect of altitude sickness, which is characterized by mild headaches, nausea and loss of appetite. Altitude sickness can be reduced by frequently drinking non-alcoholic liquids such as water and juice, 3 to 4 litres a day. Travelers are reminded to protect themselves from the strong sun light which can cause sun burn. Those with health conditions including asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy and cardiac problems should seek doctor's approval before embarking on this journey.
We understand the importance of being in touch with your dear and near ones.You could leave behind our office contact details with your family back home incase of any urgency. Our office will ensure that your messages are conveyed.PCO are available at all our halt destinations except at Mansarovar and Dirapuk and Zuthulpuk. Your cellphone too will be accessible except for the 3 places mentoned. Kindly check the international roaming charges applicable on your network. The daily movement of the touring group will be updated on our website, and a notification will be sent on the email address provided by you.