Nepal  Social Customs


Nepal is a multilingual,multiracial and multi-religious country. It is said that Nepal is garden of four castes and thirty-six sub-castes. People from different castes and religions live here in mutual cooperation and friendly environment.They make a common culture,which is called Nepali culture.The people living in mountains are of different cultures than those living in hills and the Terai. Some of the social characters, cultures ,traditions, practices and customs are described below.

Brahmins and Chhetris

Brahmins and Chhetris live in all the ecological zones like the Mountain,Hill and Terai.They follow Hindu tradition.They are very rich in culture and high position in the society.After eleven days of child birth ,the family celebrates Nwaran ceremony which is naming day.Bratabandha is performed for a son.The boy is given sacred thread(janai)after some religious rites.After reaching adulthood individuals perform marriage.Marriage is an important social custom.Recently,love and arranged marriages are also becoming popular.They burn the dead body according to Hindu tradition.They celebrate many festivals like Dashain,Tihar,Teej,Janai purnima,shivarati.Holi and Chhat are especially celebrated in the Terai region.


Mostly Newars live in Kathmandu Valley.Newars are very rich in their culture and customs.It is said that there is seldom a month when Newari festival does not take place.The Nwaran is done from the fourth to eleventh day of the birth.Belbiwaha (lhi)is very famous among the Newars.They have customs of Gufa for the girls.Both love and arranged marriages are practiced.Dead body is burnt according to their tradition.They celebrate Dashian,Tihar (Mhapuja)Gai Jatra,Ghode Jatra,Indra Jatra,Gathemangal,Kumari Jatra,Maghe sankranti etc.with great extravagance.


Magar mostly live in the hills.The name giving ceremony is performed from the elevnth to fifteenth day of the baby’s birth.Magars have become the most tolerable caste among the Nepalese.Love,arranged and Jari marriage are seen in the Magar community.Marriage between ‘Mama Cheli’ and ‘Phupu Chelo’is common in Magar community.They cheer their life everyday with eating and dancing.The deceased is burnt in this community.Koura Nach,Ghatu Nach,Nag Pooja,etc.are popular festivals among the Magars.


The Sherpas live in the high hills and mountains.The Nwaran ceremony is celebrated on the third,seventh and eleventh days of the baby’s birth.Mostly they belong to Buddhism.Love,arranged and jari marriages are practised.Dead body is buried in a crematorium.Lhosar,Dumji,Osho,etc.are the famous festivals among the Sherpas.


The Tharus live mostly in the Terai.They are very simple minded people.Their perculiar culture is famous all over the world.The Nwaran is performed from the sixth to ninth day of the birth.Both love and arranged marriages are practised.The dead body is either burned or burried.Maghi,Phagu,Jitia,etc.are the famous festivals in Tharu community.


The Limbus live in the eastern mountains of Nepal.Nwaran(Name giving ceremony)of girl child is done on third day,but boy’s name is given on the fourth day of the birth.They worship nature like rivers and Himal.Love marriage,arranged marriage and ‘Chori Bibaha’are very common in Limbu community.The dead body is buried in a fixed crematorium.They celebrate famous festivals Udhauli on the full moon day of Mangsir and Ubhauli on the full moon day of Baishakh.Dhan Nacha is famous folk dance of Limbu community.


Rais community mostly live in eastern hills of Nepal.They give name to the newly baby from the third day to the sixth day of their birth.They follow both love and arranged marriages.After death the dead body is buried in a grave in a fixed place.They have a peculiar custom of firing guns during funeral procession,Chandi Naach(Sakela),Nwagi and Badangmet are their festivals.