Nepal Village Tour


Village Tour in Nepal

Nepal Village tour is interesting trip and the best ways to explore the villager life. Nepal is the country side of villages where almost 80% of country is cover by village. Nearly 80 percent of the population who have their unique language, religion, culture and custom. You will have an opportunity to explore such diversity in Nepal.

It is obvious that just by visiting the capital city alone you cant judge about whole Nepal, therefore, if you are willing to know about Nepali people, you must visit to the local area (Country side). As aforementioned, almost 80 percent part of the country is villages, which are such a beautiful and unique that where over 103 different ethnic groups reside in the village area, while outing in the Nepal village tour, you will have an opportunity to explore such a diverse culture, customs and unique lifestyles.

Moreover, when you go for trekking to various mountainous regions, you have to go through various villages, where you can have from local to continental cuisine. As mentioned above, village tour in Nepal will offer you an opportunity to explore the villager life, be engaged with the amazing and unique village culture and customs and tradition. During your tour in village, you will be enchanted with the delicious foods offered by the villagers, warm hospitality, innocent and charming smiles, these all enchant you in such a way that you would like to come to Nepal time and again. Nepal Village tour is one of the most loved packages among the our team.